We liked the ease of management and the fact our windows admins could handle troubleshooting if needed. New Features added regularly inexpensive multi-platform mobile fully featured for call centers or standard business pbx High Available backup PBX Inconvénients: Built in conferencing and web conferencing items are great for productivity. A lot of bang for the buck, easy to setup, easy to admin. You also need to invest time in learning the program or to have a designated 3CX admin ,in order to get the maximum from it. Even having an always on backup server is an inexpensive, but necessary endeavor that will keep your employees and clients happy. I can choose their extension or their cell phone if they are listed in our directory.

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The Android apps work great for our mobile crews as well as easily letting us set up a project office on board any of our clients yachts. I would recommend this to anyone with a business of the size where I work, we have around 80 employees. We work around this easily in most cases and if not we run two instances on the same server. After a series of non-starter with other brand name phone systems we stumbled across 3CX. I can choose their extension or their cell phone if they are listed in our directory. Yet 3CX doesn’t do this, product includes web phone manager interface if you wish to use it, includes a softphone, includes faxing, includes webconferencing, includes voicemail which used to require a totally separate server from your PBX because the big name vendors want you to spend more. Unlike other Linux based products the familiarity of Windows and administration via your web browser means you can get to grip with it straight away.


3cx softphone

When the phone rings. I have to restart the software from time to time because it will stop working. With a variety of hosting options, slftphone should be able to fit 3CX to your environment and wallet size.

But what really sets 3CX apart from the rest of the pack are the mobile tools. I sodtphone choose their extension or their cell phone if they are listed in our directory. Different plans will limit how many concurrent calls can 3fx made. Reliable phone system Avantages: The only downside to the software that I didnt like was once they added the QR Scan for mobile devices.

I also like how they have a lot of online training videos and documentation to help lay the foundation regarding what it will take to setup and install a 3CX PBX.

Finally found something we can rely on. The beauty is in the execution, though, as it takes almost no 3cc to set up a system using this software. I really enjoy the extra line that gets added to your smart phone!

3cx softphone

In latest version there is one manual feature allowed user to switch on or off the call recording. So far not too many cons, still new to it softphonee doing testing so there could be some limitations that are discovered later on.


I can see the number as it comes in but if I need to call that person back sometimes their number doesn’t remain in the log, I do not know why.

The outgoing calls are very good and with great quality. The call channel restriction is a pain. Would be great to see the ability to break office hours down beyond single days. The only disadvantage I have found is that sometimes the application crash and it is necessary to restart it.


The unique software approach taken by 3CX eliminates the inferior hardware fluff that is typically bundled with phone systems sold by other manufacturers. In the past we had some problems with being able to get a free line if the number of concurrent allowed calls is exceeded. 3cxx d’utilisation du produit: Easy, user friendly interface and semi customizable! XX external, XX internal.


I also like the Free version. 3cs top pro is its rock solid reliability. I wish 3dx had a little more control over web conferencing, maybe shared logos.

3x My latest installation is 3CX Version You must have a savvy partner, while just about anyone can sell you this system, you must have a solid knowledgeable partner to really get the most out of it. You get what you get. We liked the ease softphonee management and the fact our windows admins could handle troubleshooting if needed.

Where most sofphone phone system are quite stagnate and only release bug fixes, 3CX regularily release new features and is constantly improving capabilities. Company refuses to heed directional input and new « ideas », they have their path defined. For the folks making softpphone calls, it works perfectly. We had some issues getting it installed on our server and for it to work with no maintenance.

Essentially having two lines or more on your smart phone can be very useful!